Contracted Programs

CSUN Programs for Midcareer Professionals – Options and Advantages for Regional Employers


Through the Tseng College, CSUN can bring

  • Graduate-degree programs,

  • Graduate-credit certificate programs, and/or

  • Employee-training programs

to an Employer's site.

While CSUN graduate programs for midcareer professionals offer exceptional educational advantages for individual working adults, the university – through its Tseng College – can also offer significant, competitive options and benefits to employers who find it advantageous to provide groups of professionals within their organizations with shared learning experiences. Examples:

  • CSUN can bring its graduate-degree and/or graduate credit-certificate programs to an employer’s site and offer a cohort exclusively for that employer’s staff. Program delivery can be face-to-face (i.e., taught on site), online or in a custom-tailored combination of delivery methods.
  • Course materials for all employer-sponsored graduate-degree and certificate programs can also be customized as needed. For example, case studies relevant to the employer’s industry can be included, and exercises and/or assignments based on industry-specific challenges and issues can be created.

CSUN can also develop noncredit training programs, which are typically of shorter duration than its graduate-degree and graduate-credit certificate programs. Content can be drawn from the university’s existing academic programs and/or from the faculty’s applied-research work. While such programs are not typically offered for academic credit, they can be graded as needed to serve the educational objectives of the sponsoring organization, and participation in CSUN noncredit programs is recorded on the student’s official university transcript.

CSUN’s agility, expertise in program design and openness to working with employers and leading practitioners enable the university to respond to emerging educational needs in the regional economy by working with regional employers, professional associations and economic development organizations in the development of programs to address these needs.

In summary, CSUN, through its Tseng College, is prepared to explore the development of contracted, custom-designed programs – academic credit, noncredit or job training – with any employer.

For further information on custom-designed and contracted-program options for employers, please call Julia Potter, Programs & Partnerships at (818) 677–2965 or email

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