Smiling student in graduation cap and gown standing with wife and daugter

To encourage student success and speed time to graduation, the Tseng College offers all of its degree and certificate programs in the cohort format, regardless of the method of delivery (online or in-person) or physical location (on-campus or off-site).

How cohorts work

In the cohort format, the course sequence for each program is designed in advance to ensure that each course builds on those that preceded and prepares students for success in the course/s that follow. Tseng College cohorts generally consist of 20 to 35 students, who enter the program and proceed through the pre-determined course of study as a group (cohort).

Encouraging student success

This format encourages student success because each cohort becomes a tightly knit community in which students share their learning experiences and faculty members can plan and teach in ways that provide and reinforce strong links between lectures, assignments and courses.

Faster time to graduation

Students in cohort programs are guaranteed admission in all of the courses required for program completion. Also, because the cohort format encourages student interaction and provides a stronger sense of community and belonging, it typically results in higher on-time graduation rates.

Career-long benefits

Typically, the supportive relationships formed between cohort-program students – as well as between students and professors – evolve into mutually beneficial professional networks spanning continents and decades.