1. Go to myNorthridge.
  2. Select Financial Matters tab.
  3. Select View Account Information link on the My Financial Obligations page.
  4. Select CSUN Payment. EXL (Extended Learning) Students should select Tseng College Payment.
  5. Select Fee Details link.
  6. Verify the payment amount is correct, followed by Add to Basket button.
  7. Proceed by selecting Checkout.
  8. Select Pay by International Wire Transfer, followed by Continue Checkout button.
  9. Select the Country of Origin under “Paying fees from” drop down menu, followed by Get a Quote button.
  10. Select preferred currency payment method under “Choose a way to pay.
  11. Complete the Student Details section (Student/Payer ID = CSUN Student ID#), followed by Next button.
  12. Complete all sections under “Payer’s Details.” Agree to term and conditions followed by Proceed to Payment button.
  13. View and Print the Instructions.
    • A payment will not post to the student account until the funds have been received by CSUN.
    • The instruction sheet is valid for 72 hours, even if US funds are being sent.
    • Initiate a new wire payment if 72 hour window has expired.
    • Do not use the same set of instructions more than once.Using the printed instructions, complete the payment at your bank or through your bank’s online services. Your payment will not be complete until the bank has been instructed to transfer the appropriate funds based on instructions provided on the receipt page.
  14. You will receive an email letter sent to your email address along with the payment instructions. You may present the letter to your bank should they require more information regarding the University’s association with Western Union Business Solution.
  15. To receive notifications from Western Union Business Solution, regarding the status of your payment, you may submit a mobile number. Payment notifications will begin when Western Union receives payment from your bank.

For additional information on payments visit the How to Pay Your Fees webpage.