On-campus programs

Tseng College programs are designed for working students, therefore these programs have many features that are not usually available in traditional on-campus programs. Some of the advantages include:

Convenient class times for working professionals

On-campus classes typically met on weeknight evenings after work hours (6:00 to 9:45 p.m.) and on some Saturdays (9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Personalized support

CSUN's dedicated staff supports students from program start to completion. The staff completes all class-registration and program-related paperwork and provides administrative support throughout the entire length of the program. Such complete and on-going support of a designated program manager, from application to graduation, frees the students to focus on their studies and careers.

Outstanding instructional quality

Classes are taught by CSUN faculty from various departments as well as practicing professionals who are recognized experts in their fields. Courses are developed to include foundational knowledge and also incorporate case study and practical application to ensure subject mastery.

Traditional classroom environment on a park-like campus

Students who take courses at the CSUN campus will enjoy its beautiful park-like scenery and find themselves situated on the largest public university in California. On-campus courses provide the opportunity to work with a variety of students throughout the program and direct face-to-face interaction with students and faculty. Additionally, students have the ability to customize the number of classes they take each semester based on availability in order to provide flexibility in the duration of their program.

On-campus resources

Students taking courses at the CSUN campus can take advantage of the library, health center, bookstore, student life activities and various other campus resources that are provided for their convenience.