Off-campus programs

The Tseng College conveniently brings some of its programs to various locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. There are numerous benefits of choosing to take a program off-campus, including:

Convenient locations

Off-campus locations are often closer to home or work, and classes meet only one night per week (6:00-9:45 p.m.). Depending on the program, there may be more than one off-campus location available for the cohort to allow greater convenience for students.

Personalized support

CSUN's dedicated staff supports students from program start to completion. The staff completes all class-registration and program-related paperwork and provides administrative support throughout the length of the program. Such complete and on-going support of a designated program manager, from application to graduation, frees the students to focus on their studies and careers.

Outstanding instructional quality

Classes are taught by CSUN faculty from various departments as well as practicing professionals who are recognized experts in their fields. Courses are developed to include foundational knowledge and also incorporate case study and practical application to ensure subject mastery.

Built-in networking opportunities

Fellow participants generally live and work in the same region or industry and, over the course of the program, come to know one another well. Students from off-campus cohorts often use these networks later in their careers to help facilitate work programs or career advancement.

Fixed class schedules & guaranteed enrollment

Students take specifically assigned courses per semester, and enrollment in these courses is guaranteed once students have been admitted to the program.