Application Deadlines for Fall 2019

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March 28, 2019July 16, 2019CLOSED

Application Instructions

Applicants must complete the following 4 steps:


Begin Online Application:

Online Application (CLOSED)

Note that the online application used for the MPA program is a general application used by all programs in the Tseng College. Some of the questions on the application may not be directly applicable to the MPA program (e.g., questions about transferrable undergraduate units; questions about family income; questions about having an RN license) but are questions required by the state or federal government. Answering these questions with a “Decline to State” response will not negatively impact your application to this program in any way.


Submit Online Application:

The materials listed below will be required as part of your application. You will be given an opportunity to access, complete, and upload the following required documents as part of your online application:

  1. Statement of Purpose - 300-400-word statement of purpose describing and explaining the applicant's interest in the CSUN MPA program and how the applicant feels that enrollment in the program will contribute to her/his academic and professional growth and success (format: double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, PDF/Word format). Additional Guidelines

    Additional Guidelines:
    Each candidate’s statement of purpose is unique and, as such, there is no fixed content. However, in general terms, the statement of purpose is designed to confirm that you are a good fit for the program (i.e. that you understand the program and that its curriculum is a good match for your goals). As such, use your statement of purpose as an opportunity not only to demonstrate your ability to create a well-written, viable, and cohesive narrative, but also to “connect the dots” between the program and your goals by explaining in detail HOW you believe that the program can help you to reach those goals.

    To that end, please be sure that your statement of purpose helps the academic college to understand your motivation in applying to the program, i.e. what you hope to achieve therefrom. Examples might include some depth related to: academic growth, personal growth, professional development, skill enhancement, community service, knowledge of public administration’s role in providing services, expanding knowledge about policymaking, decision making, how organizations are structured, knowledge about human resource management, the importance of public administration research, etc.

    Additionally — and perhaps most importantly — the statement of purpose should clearly, and in some detail, explain HOW you believe that the program’s content will aid in your goals. Examples might include: expanding on existing skills/knowledge, developing new skills/knowledge, contextualizing existing experience with new modes of thinking, broadening scope, etc. This type of statement can only be crafted in relation to the program’s current content, and so please take time to review the “Course Description” section of the program’s “Curriculum” page on the website and ensure that your answers directly relate to the courses and their content.

    One of the ways to test that your statement of purpose contains the minimum requisite elements is to ask yourself: Does it answer all of the following questions (directly below)? And, does it do so with a solid level of articulation, depth, and quality?
    • How will the program help you to achieve your educational goals?
    • How will the program help you to achieve your career goals?
    • How will the program’s curriculum help to achieve these goals?
    • What do you hope to gain from the MPA program?
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  2. Resume (PDF/Word format)
  3. Application Fee - $55 application fee payment (Visa or MasterCard)
  4. Transcripts - Official, final, transcripts/academic records from all academic institutions you have attended in the past, not just from institutions at which you earned a degree, are required. (If you attended CSUN you do not need to request CSUN transcripts; we will acquire your CSUN records for your application.) (Must be sealed with degree posted)

    Send transcripts directly to the address below:

         Tseng College
         Attn: MPA Online Program
         California State University, Northridge
         18111 Nordhoff Street
         Northridge, CA 91330-8352

    Using other CSUN addresses will result in your application not being received at the correct location and can delay the application process thus omitting your application from the pool of complete, on-time applications.

    Or Electronic Transcripts or e-transcripts can be sent to

  5. Letters of Recommendation - Applicants with GPA less than a 3.0 must provide three letters of reference from supervisors that include information about work assignments and their completion (e.g. financial management, problem-solving, decision-making, initiative and creativity, collaboration, perseverance, communication skills, etc.), overall work performance, growth in responsibility in the workplace, and potential as a graduate student. Please email the letters to

All required documents including official transcripts must be received by the Tseng College no later than the application deadline.


Activate Your CSUN Online Access

You will receive an email from The Tseng College Office of Admissions, Registration and Client Services (ARC) that contains your CSUN User ID/Username, CSUN email address, and CSUN Student ID. If you do not receive this email please contact If you are a returning student or reapplying, please use your existing CSUN User ID and password. If you are a new applicant or do not have a CSUN student account, use the information provided in the email to activate your access to myNorthridge Portal and your CSUN e-mail account.


Check your CSUN Email Account and MyNorthridge Student Portal Regularly for Official Communication

You are issued a CSUN email account when you apply to the University. Your CSUN email account serves as your official means for University communication. The University will use it for all communications and you are responsible for monitoring this account. All updates on your application status will be sent to your CSUN email account only.

The MyNorthridge Student Portal is CSUN's official web portal for applicant, admitted and current students. It is designed to provide a wealth of campus resources and services in one central location. The portal is where you can find your student schedule, course contents, unofficial transcript, register for classes, update and access personal and academic records. You are encouraged to become familiar with all the functions of your student portal. You are expected to use your student portal regularly at CSUN.


IMPORTANT NOTE TO APPLICANTS: All communications between CSUN staff/faculty and potential or actual applicants to our programs are treated as part of the overall application processes and may be considered in making appropriate admissions decision to any CSUN program.

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