Master's Degrees

M.A., Diverse Community Development Leadership – online
Academic Partner: College of Humanities

M.A., Humanities – online
Academic Partner: College of Humanities

M.A., Instructional Design – online
Academic Partner: Michael D. Eisner College of Education

M.A., Music Industry Administration
Academic Partner: Mike Curb College of
Arts, Media and Communication

Bachelor's Degrees Completion

B.A., Liberal Studies – online
Academic Partner: College of Humanities



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More broadly based than most educational fields, arts and humanities has traditionally provided – and continues to provide – excellent preparation for further education as well as for moving directly into a wide range of careers. Typically, arts and humanities graduates find the greatest employment opportunities in education, fundraising, public relations, journalism, law, library science, public service and virtually any other profession that requires advanced skills in communication, reasoning, planning and administration. With their ability to see "the big picture," many with arts and humanities backgrounds rise to executive director, chief executive officer and other positions of leadership.

Most College of Arts, Media and Communication-based programs feature one-on-one interactions with working professionals, and CSUN's location in the heart of America's entertainment industry affords a wide range of internship and networking opportunities for graduate students. Programs that originate in the College of Humanities, which is among CSUN's largest, benefit from its pioneering, nationally recognized work in the area of Chicano/a Studies and the academic excellence of its English, Linguistics, and Modern and Classical Languages departments.