Currently, the Tseng College offers twelve master's degrees. Because of CSUN's focus on relevance and meeting employer needs for well-prepared professionals in a wide range of fields, the Tseng College is constantly developing additional graduate-degree programs.


M.S., Applied Behavior Analysis

M.S., Assistive Technology Engineering – online

M.S., Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services – online

M.S., Communicative Disorders* – online

M.A., Diverse Community Development Leadership – online

M.S., Engineering Management – online

M.A., Humanities – online

M.A., Instructional Design – online

M.K.M., Knowledge Management – online

M.A., Music Industry Administration

M.P.A., Public Administration – online, on-campus, off-campus

M.P.H., Public Health: Community Health Education option – online

M.S.W., Social Work – online

M.S., Taxation – hybrid


See also, programs available for contracting.


* The Tseng College also offers a Certificate of Preparation for Advanced Studies in Speech-Language Pathology, University Certificate.

Innovative content and instructional excellence

All master's degree programs offered by the Tseng College are created in collaboration with one or more of CSUN's eight other colleges and their academic departments, chiefly in response to current regional and community workforce needs. These needs are identified through intensive market research and in-depth consultation with employers and faculty who are recognized leaders in their disciplines.

In terms of academic rigor, accreditation, instructional excellence, oversight and student records, these programs are traditional university-degree programs, and all master's degrees earned through the Tseng College are CSUN master's degrees.

Designed-in flexibility

Because flexibility in program delivery and scheduling is of critical importance to working professionals, the Tseng College is offering a growing number of master's degree programs online, so that students can attend lectures and participate in discussions at their own convenience. Even programs that are taught in person either hold class meetings on campus or at convenient off-site locations, with classes typically scheduled for one weekday evening per week plus the occasional Saturday morning.

Ensuring academic success

All CSUN master's degree programs offered through the Tseng College are designed to ensure that participants attain their educational goals and succeed in graduating with their fellow students. On-time graduation rates of 90 to 100 percent have been achieved in a number of these programs.

The following program features also contribute to successful student outcomes:

  • Cohort format

    All Tseng College master's degree programs are delivered in a cohort format—in which participants enter the program and proceed through the course of instruction as a group*. These cohorts typically develop into strong learning communities that both provide valuable support during the program and facilitate career-long networking. The cohort format also ensures on-time graduation, because cohort members are guaranteed enrollment in all program courses. Cohorted programs, as with most programs offered by the College and/or University, feature an intentionally restricted class size in order to best facilitate academic rigor, student access to faculty, and a robust student experience.

    * The Master of Public Administration program is also offered in an open-enrollment ("un-cohorted") format.

  • Support services

    As CSUN students, participants in Tseng College master's degree programs benefit from the university's well-established infrastructure. In addition, the Tseng College not only operates its own registration and financial-aid offices but also has dedicated staff members for each program who assist individual students with matters great and small from enrollment through graduation.

  • Integrated and stackable curricula

    All Tseng College master's degree programs are designed to provide a cumulative learning experience in which each course builds on those that preceded and prepares students for those that follow.

    A growing number of master's degree programs offered through the Tseng College feature "stackable curricula." This feature means that any credits earned in a university certificate program that is linked to a CSUN master's degree can be applied to the master's program should the student decide to pursue the advanced degree.