Courses (Total - 50 Contact Hours / 15 weeks)

  • XSM 901: Digital Manufacturing
  • XSM 902: Data Analytics for Smart Manufactoring
  • XSM 904: Digital Supply Chain

Course Highlights

XSM 901 Digital Manufacturing This course introduces students to the history, current status, and future trajectory of smart manufacturing. Topics include IIOT and smart data acquisition, cyber-physical systems, building the digital thread through digital modeling, process simulation and optimization, and augmented reality and virtual reality for manufacturing operation and training. The course will utilize a number of real-world case studies to illustrate the implementation of smart manufacturing into industry.
XSM 902 Data Analytics for Smart Manufacturing In this course, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to data analytics and processing for smart manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on Python, statistical data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, image processing, and machine vision.
XSM 904 Digital Supply Chain This course explores the purpose and structure of digital supply chain networks. In the course, students will analyze the use of digitalization technologies and examine the tools used by businesses to improve economic, environmental and social sustainability. Students will be introduced to the relationship between smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and will engage with supply chain data sources and strategies to address Supply Chain 4.0. The course will culminate with the creation of a digital transformation roadmap.