Courses (162 Contact Hours)

  • XSM 901: Smart and Additive Manufacturing (first 8 weeks of Fall semester, 36 contact hours per course)
  • XSM 902: Data Analytics and Processing (second 8 weeks of Fall semester, 36 contact hours per course)
  • XSM 903: Human-machine Teaming (first 8 weeks of Spring semester, 36 contact hours per course)
  • XSM 904: Smart Digital Supply Chain (second 8 weeks of Spring semester, 36 contact hours per course)
  • XSM 905: Smart Manufacturing Pilot Project (first 4 weeks of summer semester, 18 contact hours per course)

Course Highlights

XSM 901 Smart and Additive Manufacturing 36 Hours This course introduces students to the core principles of smart and additive manufacturing. Topics include cyber-physical systems, data protocol, digital twin and simulation of manufacturing, data-driven process control, machine vision, topology design and optimization, design for additive manufacturing, and smart manufacturing for 3D printing.
XSM 902 Data Analytics and Processing 36 Hours In this course, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to data analytics and processing for smart manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on statistical data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, image processing, and machine vision.
XSM 903 Human-machine Teaming 36 Hours Human-machine teaming (HMT) is a relatively new, multidisciplinary field, which is focused on how people work or play with autonomous systems. Students in the course will receive the knowledge and tools to lead, develop, and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) systems in ways that augment human capabilities. They will also apply an AI system architecture approach to engineering products and services through collaborative, project-based learning experiences.
XSM 904 Smart / Digital Supply Chain 36 Hours This course explores the purpose and structure of digital supply chain networks. In the course, students will analyze the use of digitalization technologies and examine the tools used by businesses to improve economic, environmental and social sustainability. Especially important in today’s uncertain world, digital supply chains have helped to address disruptions in the global business environment, including those related to new health regulations, such as social distancing.
XSM 905 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Project 18 Hours In this course, student teams will engage in a smart manufacturing pilot project focused on 3D printing, robotics and assembly line use cases. The course emphasizes a number of factors, including economic, environmental, sustainable, ethical and political considerations. Once finished, all projects will undergo a formal design review, requiring written and oral components. The pilot project is a culminating experience, enabling students to practice the program’s concepts in a real-world scenario.