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Tracie Bosket, M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology

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Adjunct Instructor, CSUN Tseng College, Instructional Design

Tracie Bosket is a lecturer of Instructional Design at Tseng College. She worked as an Instructional Technologist and Designer at Moorpark College. Bosket received her Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology from Purdue University. Her experience working in the field of instructional design and technology provides her with unique knowledge and perspective on strategies, current trends, issues and misconceptions in the field.

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Maria Fernandez, M.S.Ed., BCS.

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Adjunct Instructor, CSUN Tseng College, Instructional Design

  • EPC 691: Project Management for Instructional Designers

Maria Fernandez is an Academic Director at ACUE. She has more than 25 years of experience in the information and educational technology industry, working with and leading teams across the country in instructional design, distance learning and faculty development. Fernandez has worked in distance learning and instructional design in higher education since 2010. Her commitment has always been student success. As the Assistant Director of Distance Learning at California State University Northridge, Fernandez was the lead Instructional Designer for multiple fully online master’s programs. She was appointed by the Vice President of Information Technology & CIO as a member of CSUN’s campus Accessible Technology Initiative Services Committee. Fernandez also served as the lead instructional designer for the Center of Effective Teaching and Learning at California State University Los Angeles and as Senior Instructional Designer at Miami Dade College, where she was appointed as a member of a team tasked with providing a research proposal for a grant to develop an Information Technology education program for the U.S. Embassy in Cuba.

Fernandez holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Saint John’s University, New York, and an M.S. in Media Education from Nova Southeastern University, Florida.

Areas of Interest: Instructional design, distance learning, faculty development, software development, learning management systems, and multimedia applications authoring tools for instructional purposes.

Pete Goldschmidt, Ph.D. in Philosophy

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Professor, Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Dr. Goldschmidt is a CSUN’s College of Education professor, where he teaches graduate courses in research methods, development, learning, instruction and program evaluation. His expertise includes advanced quasi-experimental analyses and longitudinal modeling methods applied to program and school evaluations and state accountability.

Currently, Dr. Goldschmidt is the Principal Investigator on a four-year study examining features of English language progress. His most recent projects include external evaluation for the EL RISE!, a CA English Learner Roadmap Implementation grant, support for the effective use of state data to monitor the progress of English learners in Hawaii and New York, and participating in the Los Angeles Educator Pathways Project.

Working with the Council of Chief State School Officers, Dr. Goldschmidt provided technical support to 35 states as they developed their state accountability plans under ESSA. He also has served on several state and district technical advisory committees, providing guidance for the development and implementation of state-wide assessment, school accountability, and teaching effectiveness systems. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the American Educational Research Journal, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, and School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

Dr. Goldschmidt received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Areas of Interest: Research methods, development, program and school evaluation and state accountability.

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Daphna Hausman Ozery, Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Psychology

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Adjunct Instructor, Michael D. Eisner College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling

Dr. Ozery has been a lecturer in the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department at CSUN’s College of Education since 2012. She received her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Psychology from California State University, Northridge and her Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University.

Dr. Ozery’s research focuses on information processing and decision-making, particularly the interaction between language, culture and cognition. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Acta Psychologica, Royal Society Open Science, Affective Science, and Nature Human Behaviour.

Areas of Interest: Educational theory, adult learning theory, instructional design and assessment.

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Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, Ph.D. in Education

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Adjunct Instructor, CSUN Tseng College, Instructional Design

Dr. Goetz (pronounced “gets”) is the Dean of Student Learning at Moorpark College. A pioneer in online education, Dr. Goetz has been teaching digitally since 2003, and overseeing distance/online educational divisions at California State University, Northridge and Moorpark College since 2013. Dr. Goetz has served as a tenured and adjunct professor of sociology and psychology at various public Universities in Minnesota, New York, and Maryland, and Community Colleges in Minnesota and California.

Presently, Dr. Goetz teaches Sociology online at the College of the Siskiyous and Graduate Research Methods at California State University, Northridge. She is also the co-founder of Educational Solutions 4 Change, a non-profit organization that provides training and educational opportunities that positively impact people and communities. Additionally, Dr. Goetz is the co-founder of the Jane Small Scholarship for Advocates for People with Disabilities.

As a leader, Dr. Goetz is entrepreneurial and strategic in her approach to addressing growth and change, maintains a collaborative and transparent approach to her work with colleagues, and she manages conflict through active listening and focusing on common interests rather than individual positions. For fun, Dr. Goetz enjoys traveling, hiking with her husband, visiting amusement parks with her daughter, and paddle-boarding with her “bonus daughter.”

Areas of Interest: Accessible (ADA) Content Design, effective curriculum development and design for the contemporary workplace and learning assessment and evaluation.

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Hillary Kaplowitz, Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology

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Adjunct Instructor, CSUN Tseng College, Instructional Design

Dr. Kaplowitz (she/they) leads campus efforts to meet the needs of faculty using technology in their teaching in their role as Senior Instructional Designer in the Office of Faculty Development. They collaborate on programming focused on evidence-based, engaging teaching practices. Dr. Kaplowitz's long-time immersion in applying technology to the classroom puts them on the cutting edge of developments in this field. They came to CSUN in 2008 as an instructional designer in Academic Technology and served as lead for Instructional Design and Multimedia Services for the Faculty Technology Center from 2012-2019. Dr. Kaplowitz also taught in the Multimedia Production option in Cinema and Television Arts for eight years.

Their Ph.D. in instructional design and technology from Old Dominion University gives them high-level academic training. Dr. Kaplowitz also has years of practical experience in the instructional design field. Prior to CSUN, they spent 14 years producing multimedia medical education, serving as director of educational projects. They produced, directed or coordinated more than 65 educational multimedia projects. Dr. Kaplowitz also conducted research examining the effects of text display formats in multimedia on motivation, learning, and eye-tracking behaviors.

Areas of Interest: Instructional design and technology, faculty professional development, and the impact of metacognition, mental effort, metacomprehension calibration of confidence in learning.