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Bobbie E. Emetu, Ph.D., MPH, MLS

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Associate Professor

  • HSCI 575: Strategies for Advocating for LGBTQ+ Health

Bobbie Emetu Ph.D, MPH, MLS is an Associate Professor of Public Health Education at CSUN. She has taught a plethora of courses in public health, sexual health, queer health, and sexuality for over ten years. Prior to her doctoral students, she worked as an HIV counselor and an evaluator. Additionally, she has worked extensively in providing sexual transmitted infection (STI) and HIV/AIDS education. Her research focuses on STI/HIV risk and protective behaviors. Dr. Emetu is first author on multiple peer reviewed publications that examines variations in sexual health among sexual and gender diverse individuals. Her research interests include condom use errors, pre-exposure prophylaxis uptake, innovative methods for STI testing, HIV-related stigma, and the association between sexual abuse and sexual risk behaviors. She continues to conduct applied research within the areas of health education, disease prevention, and sexual health.

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Jeffrey Goodman, MPH

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  • HSCI 572 Foundations of LGBTQ+ Health

Goodman brings a wide swath of experience and knowledge. He has been at CSUN since 2016 and is currently teaching courses for both the Baccalaureate and Master’s degree programs in the Department of Health Sciences/Public Health. Goodman teaching focus is Program Planning and Evaluation, Health Policy, Community Action, and Health Communications. In addition, he was the Associate Program Director for George Washington University’s LGBT Health Policy and Practice from 2013 to 2020.

Goodman is also active at the executive level of the Society for Public Health Education and the American Public Health Association where he has crafted several LGBTQ-centric policy statements. He has experience working for policymakers from Governors to Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C. Goodman was appointed to the LA County Commission on HIV by the Board of Supervisors and also served on the K6G Classification Review Panel for the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Additionally, he has held leadership positions on the LA County Prevention Planning Committee, the CDC’s Medical Monitoring Project, and the California Planning Group where he was elected Co-Chair. He overall has served on numerous boards of nonprofits both in Los Angeles and on the East Coast.

Aden (AJ) King, MPH

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  • HSCI 574: Multidisciplinary Health Part 2: Transgender & Gender Non-conforming Persons

King, MPH from San Jose State University, has extensive experience providing educational workshops and trainings pertaining to transgender and gender non-conforming health, public health, addressing health disparities and understanding social determinants of health. He is a consultant based in Los Angeles specializing in building the capacity of non-profit organizations, particularly those centered on social justice and public health issues. Prior to his consulting practice, King worked for many years for a national training organization funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) devoted to HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) prevention. In this role, he developed multiple curricula related to the impact of HIV and STDs on transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. As a consultant, he provides facilitation, training, curriculum development, program planning and evaluation and technical writing.