Summer at CSUN is a university study-abroad program that enables international students who meet CSUN’s English-language requirements to enroll in regular undergraduate university credit or noncredit classes.

Students choose to study in Summer at CSUN in order to:

  • complete coursework for which they can transfer credit to their home university,
  • learn subject matter not available to them in their home country,
  • gain new perspectives on subjects,
  • experience campus life at an American university, and
  • experience the Southern California lifestyle while enjoying summer in Los Angeles.

Students are not limited to one department or major: Summer at CSUN students may choose from the many courses offered by the university during the summer and enroll on a space-available basis by meeting the course prerequisites and obtaining instructor approval. With some restrictions, the credits earned may be applied toward a degree at CSUN or another university or college, shortening the time needed to complete your degree.

Please take the time to browse CSUN’s course catalog and schedule of classes to determine which classes are of interest to you and when they are offered. We recommend that you make a long list so that you will have multiple options in case some of the classes you have chosen are full.

CSUN University Catalog: The catalog provides a short description and the prerequisites (eligibility requirements) for all courses offered by each university department.

CSUN Class Search: Use the Class Search website to browse the schedule of classes that are being offered in a particular session. Not all classes listed in the University Catalog are offered every session. Therefore, choose classes that are listed for the specific session for which you plan to attend CSUN.

Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is available to help students choose appropriate courses. Contact the Summer at CSUN program advisors at for assistance.


Faculty members can be found on the CSUN Faculty Profiles website, searching by name or by department.