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Spend the summer in California

The Summer at CSUN program enables international students who meet CSUN's English-language proficiency requirements to enroll in undergraduate credit classes offered in an accelerated, 6-week format at the university for the summer semester.

Typically, students choose Summer at CSUN in order to:

  • complete coursework (credits earned can be transferred to their home universities or can be applied toward a degree at CSUN or another U.S. university or college should that institution approve the credit transfer),
  • study subjects not taught or not available in their home countries,
  • gain new perspectives in their fields of study,
  • experience campus life at an American university, and/or
  • learn about the culture of Southern California and enjoy summer in Los Angeles.

Students may choose from the many courses offered by the university during the summer. Enrollment is on a space-available basis and requires students to meet the course prerequisites and obtain the department's/instructor's approval.

The full range of support services offered to Summer at CSUN students, includes academic advisement and assistance in choosing appropriate courses, assistance with registration and general assistance throughout the summer to ease assimilation with campus life.

Students receive a CSUN student identification card, which provides access to campus-wide Wi-Fi connection, computer labs and printers. Students can also use campus facilities, such as the University Library, Student Health Center, Student Recreation Center (for an additional fee).

*U.S. citizens are not eligible to apply to the Summer at CSUN program. U.S. citizens have the option to take academic-credit classes in the Fall and Spring semesters through the Open University program.