Course List (6 courses, 18 units)

The six courses that comprise this certificate are:

  • BLAW 508: MBA Law in the Business Environment
  • SOM 591: Statistics and Stochastic Models for Managers
  • ACCT 501: MBA Financial Accounting
  • GBUS 502: Seminar in Managerial Finance/Accounting
  • ECON 500: MBA Survey of Economics
  • GBUS 593: Management/Marketing Seminar


Course Schedules

Course Highlights

The following courses have been carefully crafted and purposefully sequenced to form a uniquely integrated program of study. Courses are listed in the order in which they are presented. Later courses build on earlier ones to provide a powerful, cumulative learning experience.

course name units description
BLAW 508 MBA Law in the Business Environment


The student will gain an understanding of the various legal rules that apply to decision-making in the business environment and how to use these rules to manage legal risk and make ethical decisions. The student will develop analytical, argumentation and writing skills by reading and briefing court decisions, identifying legal issues and legally relevant facts, using rules and facts to support an argument, and applying rules through oral discussion of cases and hypothetical problems in class and through written analysis on examinations.
SOM 591 Statistics and Stochastic Models for Managers


The student will learn how to make optimal decisions in an uncertain world. Probability Theory is reviewed since it provides the decision maker with the means to analyze and communicate uncertainty. Tools for determining optimal strategies covered include decision analysis, queuing theory and simulation. Data utilized in decision making is analyzed, interpreted and summarized through the study of statistics.
ACCT 501 MBA Financial Accounting


The study of financial reporting principles, structure of the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. Measurement principles for assets; liabilities and stockholders' equity; revenue and expenses; management's responsibility for full and fair disclosure of financial information.
GBUS 502 Seminar in Managerial Finance/Accounting


Introduction to management accounting principles, financial concepts and ethics. Application of mathematical/statistical techniques for study of revenue/cost behavior patterns.
ECON 500 MBA Survey of Economics


A survey course of the basic principles governing the allocation and utilization of resources. Microeconomic topics include wage and price determination, market mechanisms, efficiency and related issues concerning industry structure. Macroeconomic topics include financial markets and the determination of national income, employment and inflation.
GBUS 593 Management/Marketing Seminar


The seminar integrates the fields of marketing and management and draws on students' previous coursework in the certificate to give participants a basic understanding of business strategy. The course will provide an overview of marketing, management and business strategy theory. Business strategy cases and simulations will be used to help participants apply the concepts taught in this course as well as those learned in previous certificate courses.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

As required by federal law, Gainful Employment Disclosure is provided for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program.