Course List (6 courses, 18 units)

The six courses that comprise this certificate are:

  • BLAW 508: Business Law
  • SOM 591: Business Analytics Foundation
  • ACCT 501: Financial Accounting
  • FIN 502: Managerial Finance
  • ECON 500: Survey of Economics
  • GBUS 593: Management/Marketing Seminar

Course Highlights

The following courses have been carefully crafted and purposefully sequenced to form a uniquely integrated program of study. Courses are listed in the order in which they are presented. Later courses build on earlier ones to provide a powerful, cumulative learning experience.

course name units description
BLAW 508 Business Law


Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Study of the role of law in business, including the study of legal institutions and their role in facilitating and regulating business. Includes a study of the legal system, civil litigation, torts, and the formation and performance of contract, agency and employment law, the various forms of business organizations and securities law.
Business Analytics Foundation


Statistical methods and stochastic models to support decision making by managers. Topics include: exploratory data analysis, probability distributions and assessment, expected value, variation, estimation of means and proportions, hypothesis testing for one and several populations, F test, chi square test, simple and multiple regression and correlation, time series and forecasting, decision trees, waiting lines and simulation. Applications in service organizations and small businesses are provided along with applications for production organizations and large businesses. A key element is a group project involving the application of one or more course topics to a current business problem.
ACCT 501 Financial Accounting


Prerequisite: Admission to a Nazarian College of Business and Economics graduate program or consent of instructor. Study of financial reporting principles, structure of the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. Measurement principles for assets; liabilities and stockholders’ equity; revenue and expenses. Covers management’s responsibility for full and fair disclosure of financial information.
Managerial Finance


Prerequisite: ACCT 501. Examination of the financial decision making process. Topics include the analysis and interpretation of financial statements, ratio analysis, financial forecasting and budgeting, financial markets, working capital management, valuation, capital budgeting, sources of capital and capital structure, dividend policy, and the management of risk and return in an international context.
ECON 500 Survey of Economics


Survey of the tools, concepts, and techniques that economists use to analyze the behavior of firms, consumers, markets, and entire economies. Microeconomic topics include game theory and market structure. Macroeconomic topics include determinants of GDP, economic growth, and the role of the Federal Reserve.
GBUS 593 Management/Marketing Seminar


The seminar integrates the fields of marketing and management and draws on previous coursework to give students a basic understanding of business strategy. The course will provide an overview of marketing, management and business strategy theory. Business strategy cases and simulations will be used to help students apply the concepts taught in this course and those in their previous certificate courses.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

As required by federal law, Gainful Employment Disclosure is provided for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program.