M.S. Taxation Program Honored

M.S. Taxation Program Honored

In a year of many changes, one thing remains the same: the exceptional quality of CSUN’s Master of Science in Taxation program. The award-winning master’s degree is among the country’s finest and exemplifies the highest standards in instruction, curriculum and student achievement.

This year’s awards, seen below, validate the hard work and tenacity of the program’s faculty and students.

  • Ranked first on Intelligent.com's 2020 list of “The Top 25 Online Master’s in Taxation Programs”
  • Among Best Value School’s top 20 list of “Best Online Master’s in Taxation Degrees” and “10 Best Affordable Online Master’s in Taxation Degrees”
  • Among Grad School Hub’s “15 Best Online Master’s Degrees in Taxation 2020”
  • Ranked third on Great Business School’s “10 Most Affordable Master’s in Taxation Degrees for 2020”
  • Ranked sixth on Master’s Program Guide’s 2020 list of “10 Best Master’s Programs in Taxation” and fifth in its ranking of “Best Online Master’s Programs in Taxation”

The degree is more important than ever. In July, the Internal Revenue Service reported a record 152.8 million individual income tax returns for 2020. Through this program, we’re doing our part. With each graduate, we add to the nation’s deep well of talent.

Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff of this tremendous program – and here’s to another year of exceptional results.


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