Liberal Studies Degree to Launch in Fall 2018

Liberal Studies Degree to Launch in Fall 2018

Expand your mind and increase your competitiveness in the workplace! CSUN’s new online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies gives busy professionals an expanded perspective.   If you finished lower-division classes but never got your degree, this program is for you! It will give you new ways to think and expand your insight.  At the same time, you’ll get strategies to address local and global challenges in the workplace and in your life.

No matter what your background, this degree will help you broaden your understanding. Topics include cities of the developing world, contemporary social and political issues, cultural literacies, intercultural communication, intro to business, intro to philosophical thought, research in the digital age and much more.  Liberal studies grads often go on to work as entrepreneurs and in fields such as art, business, education, the entertainment industry, government, healthcare, law and media.

Critical thinking and communication skills often are sorely lacking in business and organization settings. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employers often rank skills such as critical thinking and communication – hallmarks of liberal arts training – above technical aptitude as essential for career readiness. Majoring in liberal arts also provides a foundation for study toward a professional degree, such as law.”

Burning Glass Technologies, says that a liberal studies degree provides an edge to job seekers who also have required technical skills or degrees. According to its report, “Employers report the greatest disparity between the skills they demand and those that recent graduates possess for written and oral communication skills, adaptability and problem solving – all staples of a liberal arts education.”  So check out this new degree-completion program!

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