Experts Share Ideas to Reach Customers and Clients

Abraham Rutchick, Ph.D.

(November 28, 2016) - As the holidays approach and the shopping frenzy gets underway, you'd think it's all about finding great deals.  But learn the real motives for why people chase after one product or service and reject another.  LACI@CSUN and the Alumni Association host a free presentation Dec. 6 to give you insights into why customers/clients behave as they do. 

Abraham Rutchick, associate professor of psychology, and Andrew Chizever, vice president at Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW), lead the seminar. They'll delve into the behavioral science related to consumer drives. "We will share insights about how people think and act, and outline ways to use these insights as levers to change what people do," Rutchick said.  

In a competitive and segmented marketplace, business people need to understand their targeted audience and how to stand out. Come join the discussion, bring your questions and get ready to learn new perspectives! 

Event: "Leveraging Psychology for Business:  The Five Things You Need to Know"
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 6, 7:30-9 a.m.
Location:  University Club-Orange Grove Bistro
More info and to register:  Register here.
Cost: Free.

Continental breakfast will be served. 

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