Certificate Programs. Students in a classroom listening to a lecture.

The Tseng College offers two types of certificate programs: graduate-credit certificates and professional-development certificates.

Graduate-Credit Certificates

The Tseng College currently offers four certificate programs that earn academic credits at the graduate level. Additional programs are in development.


Business Administration

Health Administration - online

Nonprofit Sector Management


See also, programs only available for contract.


Three of these certificates are offered in connection with a CSUN master's degree program designed for professionals working in the public or nonprofit sector. Given today's economic uncertainties, many of these professionals are reluctant to commit to pursuing graduate degrees because of cost and time demands.

The Tseng College addresses such concerns by offering "stackable" certificate programs that satisfy academic requirements for CSUN graduate degrees.

Graduate-credit certificate programs offered through the Tseng College typically consist of five or six courses, feature curricula developed by university faculty members, are offered in the cohort format, and take only one year to complete.

Professional-Development Certificates

The Tseng College also offers professional-development certificate programs, all of which earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Established by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training, CEUs are internationally recognized measures of accomplishment for post-secondary study. Because 10 hours of instruction earn one CEU, a 100-hour certificate program awards 10 CEUs.


Assistive Technology Applications

Neurodevelopmental Strength-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning - online

Radiologic Technology - CT/MRI Certificate - online and clinical setting

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant | all CDS programs

TV & Film Post-Production Technology - online


See also, programs only available for contract.