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International Visiting Academics and Professionals Program

This program is open to academic faculty from institutions with well-regarded academic reputations and equal accreditation recognition from their home nation. The academic interests and study plans of such visiting academics should match the academic strengths and interests of CSUN and its faculty. The program is also open to well-credentialed professionals whose interests match the academic range and focus of CSUN.

In addition, all applicants must have completed university study in his/her field at the master’s degree level or above. The applicant must have a well-constructed study plan for the duration of the proposed visit that the CSUN department, college, or administrative unit/division in question judges to be in keeping with CSUN teaching, research, and/or faculty/staff development priorities.

The fee for participating in this program is $5,000 per semester. Individuals who meet above mentioned qualifications may apply to the CSUN International Visiting Academics and Professionals Program using the online application.

The research/study plan is the guiding document for this program. This plan will be designed in collaboration with the mentoring faculty and the chair of the sponsoring department. It will describe the visiting academic/professional’s proposed research, stating its importance and how it will be conducted. It will include a formal statement of the objectives and milestones of a research/study project. This section will clearly and concisely describe what the proposed research/study is intended to accomplish.

English Language Instruction for Visitors

Visitors who wish to have English language training during their visit can have access to one class per day in the CSUN Intensive English Program for an additional $2,500 per term.

For those who wish to have individual English language tutoring and training during their visit, an instructor can be selected for one-to-one guidance per semester. The minimum individual tutoring assignment for an instructor is 100 hours per semester with an estimated cost of $75 per hour.

Applicants accepted to the program will be asked if they would like to include one or both of these English language study options in their visit. The necessary arrangements will be made with the additional fee calculated before the applicant is admitted to the program.